“Preachy vegans get right on my t*ts”

Does anyone remember the film ‘They Live’? You know, where you see the world as it really is if you put on a pair of black sunglasses. Pretty much everyone will have seen the Matrix – blue pill, life stays as it is, same old same old; red pill, you see the world for what it really is.

This is what veganism feels like. There isn’t a way to unsee what you’ve seen, to unknow what you know. And the only thing you feel you want to do is TELL AS MANY PEOPLE WHO’LL LISTEN. And that’s where it gets very very tricky. Most of the time I try to restrain myself in the interest of retaining friends, but the urge is always there to want to hold people’s eyelids open a la Clockwork Orange and make people aware of the insanity the meat and dairy industries don’t want you to see.

There’s always the ‘if enough people taste good vegan food they’ll get it’ approach – potentially quite successful. Or the humorous approach; ‘Eat your own leg, leave mine alone a**hole’. Ha ha. But sometimes you just want people to see the uncut brutality of thousands of male chicks being crushed alive because they are of no commercial value. Or a cow being unceremoniously raped over and over so that she’ll give up her milk and her babies just so humans can put semi-skimmed on their cornflakes. Or how about piglets being castrated with no pain relief. This is happening now. This is real.

Vegans are not the enemy of non-vegans. We just don’t want innocent beings to suffer. And what is so wrong with that?


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