This is what depression feels like #4; the non-stop critical inner voice.

Imagine going through life with a constant critical narrative in your head, chipping away at your self-worth. You’re never good enough. You messed that up didn’t you? Why can’t you just stop doing that? Stupid, useless, flabby IDIOT. Sure, you can find ways to turn the volume down, or even shut it up for a while. But it always finds a way back, drip feeding you self-esteem eroding nuggets of anti-wisdom.

These things work for me;

1/STOPPING the inner put-down in it’s tracks and replacing it with a mood-boosting affirmation. For example; counter ‘You’re useless’, with ‘Ease up on yourself, learning something takes time’.

2/REALISING the inner voice isn’t you, it’s the illness talking.

3/CONSCIOUSLY choosing to acknowledge this nonsense just isn’t true (this one took quite a while to master but is quite powerful).

4/LAUGH at the voice. Not easy when it’s so insidious, but it doesn’t half disempower it.



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