Hamlet, depression, and the FUBAR state of the world

So I dreamt the other night that I was watching Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet.

Nothing particularly special about that, but it made me realise why I’d always been drawn to the brooding darkness of the character. The man was a seething mass of angry frustrated depression. Other than the fact he doesn’t exist and is a Prince, I momentarily felt we were bound in melancholy oneness.

Anyway, driving along, my thoughts then moved on to what Hamlet would make of today’s F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition world. Other than his more immediate familial concerns, what would he make of the rise of ISIS, climate change, non-functioning antibiotics, right wing conservative Christians, wealth inequality, poverty, and over-consumption?

At this point, I figured he’d light a fag, sit back on his couch and say it all with his face.



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