Steve Strange – Rest In Peace

When an icon from your youth dies, it feels very peculiar. Watching the BBC news ticker tape last night with the words ‘Steve Strange dies aged fifty five’, I leaned forward and let out a huge ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOO’. My (considerably younger) husband looked baffled, until I showed him a photo of Steve Strange on my phone. ‘Oh right, the Fade to Grey guy’.

It sounds daft but I felt like a tiny part of my identity had died.

Icons. Of. Your. Youth. Aren’t. Supposed. To. Die.

Memories of dressing as a New Romantic came flooding back, along with very specific feelings about not fitting in and feeling ‘different’. I suppose the lack of mainstream coverage of Steve Strange’s death shouldn’t surprise me, but nevertheless confirms the fact that electronic pop wasn’t and isn’t for everyone. For those to whom it does mean something, however, it’s a sad day.

Here’s my illustrated tribute to one stylish man.


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