Hipsters and their beards – a curious trend

Ooooookay then, so I was in the gym last week going through a new workout with a nice personal trainer. He, like a lot of young men these days, had one of those beards. You know, the big bushy ones which make you look like an Edwardian gentleman.

So, after my workout I approached the front desk to ask a question. The young man was on the phone so I waited. When he looked up I realised half way through asking my question that he didn’t look quite the same. Hang on, though, he had the same beard/haircut combo. Nope, something’s different.

Imagine my embarrassment when I realised he was a totally different person. My point is this. Quite apart from the fact that, to me, these hirsute hipsters look a little bit silly, I think name badges would be really helpful so we can tell you all apart.

And one final thing. As the whole point of a hipster appears to be the adoption of a non-mainstream lifestyle, why all choose to look the same in the crumb-catcher department? Just sayin’.


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