How vegan are you?

So, this is a thing I’ve been thinking about recently. As a person who has been vegan now for a few months without any hiccups or other f**kups, I recently went on holiday to the West Country, home of clotted cream, scones, and pasties.

My resolve to stay vegan was strong at first, but with each coffee stop and meal, it became clear just how hard it was going to be for someone like me to stick to my principles.

I say ‘someone like me’ – anyone who knows me understands my love of food and my hatred of lack of menu choice. So imagine the emptiness I felt when, time after time, all I could have was a green salad. Add to that the fact that seemingly no-one had heard of the concept of soya milk, and I soon crashed off the wagon faster than you could say ‘no cheese for me please’.

The thing was, it didn’t bother me. My brain had obviously already calculated that ‘enjoying food on holiday for a few days temporarily outweighs the heinous sin of scoffing a bit of cheese of having cow’s milk in your coffee’.

So I went with it, on the final day filling my face with as much clotted cream as I could fit on my buttery scone, knowing that, as soon as I got home, it was back to plant-based with a vengeance.

So my thinking goes along the lines of; ‘as long as one is vegan most of the time, a small relapse now and then is nothing to flagelate yourself over.’ I consider myself ‘mostly vegan’ and am at peace for now knowing that fact.


3 comments on “How vegan are you?”

  1. What a great example of a “first world problem” – having to choose between keeping up your (voluntarily chosen) eating habits or a comfortable lifestyle *lol*

  2. Haha! Yes, you’re right Barbara, but if you’re an expert in feeling guilty like me, these issues can take on huge proportions!

  3. Then probably your real problem is feeling guilty for no genuine reason 😉 I think in this respect I can be grateful for my chronic illnesses. I have become much less of a perfectionist, because I have to spend all my energy on more important issues. Therefore I do not often feel guilty now – unless I have really done something wrong which affects other people. I can even live with making spelling errors occasionally and that was the most horrible thing for me in the past 🙂

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