Big Fat Pharma Cat – curer or killer? #bigpharma #corporategreed

By: Kath Walker

Aug 28 2014

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The role of the prescription drug-taking punter as enabler of bigger profits for Big Pharma has taken on new meaning for me recently. I’ve taken on a part-time job delivering weekly and monthly bags of pills for a local pharmacy which brings me into everyday contact with the end patient, sorry, customer. In the short time I’ve been doing this it’s become painfully obvious that the more economically disadvantaged are the main pill-takers. And yes, I am aware this is a Well Known Fact, but to see it first hand really brought it home to me how drug-dependent people are. Many a time on the doorstep I get a hugely relieved ‘oh thank you ever so much for these’ and feel a sense of anger at the drugs giants’ stranglehold over people’s lives. The powerful message that a plant-based diet can heal seems unlikely to trickle through as long as things stay as they are.

Sigh……….ah well, I have to go now – I’ve got drugs to deliver.


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