L’Wren Scott – RIP

When someone takes their own life, I always reflect on the times in my life when I’ve been down in that toxic place, trapped amongst the dark shadows, feeling as if I would never be able to escape. To have plumbed such mental horrors that your only perceived solution is to call a halt to your own existence is something incomprehensible, and must be somewhere very lonely. Depression is no respecter of wealth or status. It’s dead tentacles can infect the most beautiful, the most talented.

Whenever I look at a photo of Mick Jagger and L’Wren Scott together, I am always drawn to her first. Exceptionally tall and thin women have always fascinated me, and here was an extreme example. L’Wren, with her aquiline features, impossibly long limbs, and beautiful face resembled a fashion illustrator’s sketch, such was her racehorse-like elegance. I felt compelled to draw her, and enjoyed doing so.

RIP L’Wren, you were clearly talented, and had so much more to offer.

For further information please visit the Samaritans website


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