Is the UK going to the dogs?

Although the real question might be – am I just getting old?

Because that’s exactly what my parents’ generation might have said when I was growing up.

But the world feels very different these days. Senior citizens are rejected not respected, the rich/poor gap is yawning ever wider, the fact there is a necessity of food banks is gobsmacking in itself.  As is the growing prevalence of betting shops in deprived areas, the obscenity of footballers’ wages, the obsession with celebrity, crushingly dumb TV, soulless town centres, bland housing design, and a dangerous love affair with alcohol.

I’m not a religious person,  but I have this recurring vision of Satan rubbing his hands with glee at the moral emptiness of it all, while God sits in a corner, slumped down in a chair, sighing deeply with his head in his hands.

I blame Maggie Thatcher;  either that or I need watch less news.


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