Christmas lights after January 1st – WHAT’S THE POINT?

Ok, I’m sorry to go all grumpy old woman here, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one to think that there is something completely incongruous and utterly pointless about still having Christmas flashing lights on your house after New Years Day.

The whole emphasis has changed; we’re no longer in the decadent holiday mindset where it’s perfectly OK to stuff yourself silly and watch TV all day. Now we’re all feeling the cold slap across the face that is January, with all it’s attendant bleak emptiness.

OK so there’s twelfth night bla bla bad luck bla bla, but I started dismantling Christmas on January 2nd and I’m still here for crying out loud (oops just tempted fate there)!

January is a month for renewal and new horizons, or being miserable and grumpy.  If nothing else, the national grid will thank you for it.


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