Letting Go of Emotional Clutter

I learned an important lesson today. As the grand piano which has been part of my life for 40 years left the house to go off to be auctioned, I had to let go of a rather large piece of emotional clutter. How can I call a beautiful musical instrument a piece of clutter? True it was a difficult label to use, but I believe that is what it was.

The piano represented both positives and negatives in my life. Positives, in that it represented hours of pleasure and reminded me very much of my beloved parents, from whom I inherited it. Negatives, in that it represented hours of grudging practice and reminded me of my father’s pressure to always play better…better…better.

It looked beautiful and I was proud to inherit it – yet by now I felt as if it was daring me to play it, and I was actually becoming sadly resentful of its presence. So just like any other item of sentimental value kept long beyond its usefulness, I reluctantly decided to let it go.

Now that I have, so that someone else can have the chance to play it and get pleasure from it, I feel a weight has been lifted. So the lesson here is that no matter how hard it seems, letting go is sometimes the only path to take. I will always cherish the memories wrapped up in my piano, but it needs to be loved, played, and used, and not preserved in aspic.

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3 comments on “Letting Go of Emotional Clutter”

  1. Very brave of you! I don’t think I could have done this, I usually keep things for ever (even small items, like letters by old friends *s*).

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