Who Wants to Live Forever?

Madonna’s one, so are Simon Cowell, Demi Moore, Elle Macpherson and Sarah Jessica Parker. I think I am one too. The Amortals – those of us who refuse to accept the ageing process and, ultimately, death. We act our shoe size, not our age, take pride in the phrase ‘mutton dressed as lamb’, and engage in pursuits conventionally restricted to teenagers, 20- and 30- somethings.

We simply cannot accept the fact that one day we won’t be here, and that one day we will be O-L-D. (Blimey that took a lot to write down!)

We don’t look at our wardrobes and think ‘hmmm…maybe it’s time I stopped wearing miniskirts/jeans/high heels.’

We wear our hair long and don’t think twice about dying it – I’m going red tomorrow, and can’t wait!

OK so we’ll get the shock of a lifetime when our denial finally catches up with us, but until then, I’ll still be playing Quake II and thinking about where to get my first tattoo.


2 comments on “Who Wants to Live Forever?”

  1. I suspect none of the above is about defying the ageing process, it’s about defying getting knocked off the top celeb lists by younger, fitter and more talented people.

    I love how you avoid the word VANITY!

  2. Yes vanity comes into it, but I truly believe this is a genuine state of mind – a complete disregard of ‘age appropriate’ behaviour.

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