The Royal Wedding – Monarchy 1, Republicans 0

Ooh controversial! But it was rather enjoyable when all is said and done, wasn’t it? ESPECIALLY the comedy value of Princess Beatrice’s Philip Treacy hat. Seriously, what was going through that girl’s head when she was scouring the hat shops? Or is Buckingham Palace missing one of its plaster mouldings? And Beatrice wasn’t the only one whose wardrobe malfunctioned. Just how Victoria Beckham’s and Tara Palmer Tomkinson’s hats didn’t fall off their foreheads defies logic. What next, a hat which clings to the cheek or hangs under the chin?

All bitchiness aside there were some stunning outfits, not least of which was that worn by Pippa Middleton, who almost outshone the bride. Her mother, Carole, too, radiated understated elegance in a Catherine Walker (had to get THAT one in!) outfit. That is one good looking family. When I saw the Queen’s yellow ensemble, however, I couldn’t help thinking of Easter chicks and daffodils!

All in all, a hugely enjoyable day spent in front of the telly, Pimms and Bucks Fizz close at hand, and the bitchometer flying off the scale!


One comment on “The Royal Wedding – Monarchy 1, Republicans 0”

  1. At 85 years old I hope I look that good. Thought the Queen’s outfit was absolutely stunning for a woman of her age. I didn’t think chicks once, I thought bang on the fashion money for this season’s colours. I love Queenie….Beatrice’s cranial homage to entrails was another thing….and let;s not even go to Tara Palmer Tomkinson’s blue number…..ghastly.

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