Rebecca Ferguson – One Classy Chick!

So it’s the final of the Fix-Fac…sorry the X-Factor this weekend. Ooooooh can’t wait. Apparently this is what Rebecca Ferguson was wearing coming out of a gym yesterday. How classy? I wonder what took longer – her workout or the post-gym preening.

I know when I come out of the gym I must look about as highly maintained as a scruffy mutt who’s just run through a large pile of muddy leaves.  But then I’ve not got 20 photographers jostling to take my picture. Thank God.


3 comments on “Rebecca Ferguson – One Classy Chick!”

  1. Hi Kath,

    I love this illustration. You got skills!!

    I put it on the Rebecca Ferguson Fansite and on the @fergusonliveson twitpic page.

    Rebecca Ferguson Movement, USA
    Facebook Fan Page

  2. […] Rebecca Ferguson – One Classy […]

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