The perfect Kirstie Allsopp; love her or hate her?

Kirstie Allsopp; highly watchable non-jeans wearing flirty Girtie (yes we know they’re both married to different people but it’s fun to watch her flirting with Phil anyway), or patronising rich girl giving us all a guilt complex because we haven’t made/cooked/created our Christmas decorations/cakes/baubles and are therefore lazy, worthless slobs who should be ashamed of ourselves for not actually having the time to do anything other than go to shops and buy Christmas ready made/cooked/prepared.

And what’s with the glitter obsession?

I guess she reminds me of all those perfect girls at school who couldn’t put a foot wrong and who made me feel inferior. In fact she’s probably lovely and it’s me who needs to get over myself and drop the guilt trip.


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