That St Swithin has a lot to answer for!

Whoever it was that said about it raining for 40 days after St Swithin’s day wasn’t wrong were they? Bye bye summer. It’s at times like this I get more jealous than normal of all those pointless celebrities holed up in LA – poor things.

Not to worry though, at least the news is full of really uplifting stories about double dip recessions and unemployment to keep us all boosted.

And if you’re really stagnating away and need an extra bit of mental stimulation, you can always read about Robbie Williams’ lavish wedding, Cheryl Cole on yet another ‘date’ with Derek whatsisname, how the Rooneys have installed £10000 of underfloor heating for their dogs, or how Paris Hilton has tried to look like Marilyn Monroe – and failed.

Ah August…we love it!


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