5 little positives to brighten your day!

Sometimes you just can’t shake off that feeling that life is a drag, you’re just not and will probably never be as thin, rich, famous, or as fulfilled as you want to be.

I was walking the dogs last week with this feeling hanging over me and, in a bid to shake the gloom, decided to try to conjure up just 5 little things that might, just might, bring a glimmer of a smile to my face.

1/ Feeling the sun’s warmth on your face as it comes out after a rainy dull spell.

2/ Watching a giggling baby on You Tube.

3/ Getting an email saying ‘Congratulations! You’ve sold your item on Ebay!’

4/ Losing a few pounds and being able to fit into that pair of trousers you once bought knowing they were too tight.

5/ An ice cold drink in hot weather when you’re really really thirsty.

It worked!


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