Manchester-Blackpool Bike Ride

OMG I’ve finally discovered Sports Energy Products, precisely a week before doing the big Manchester-Blackpool charity bike ride (the North West of England’s own little yearly ‘Tour de France’ – 60 miles between Manchester United’s stadium and Blackpool’s South Shore).  After a blissful pre-ride evening spent shovelling as many carbs into my mouth as possible, I stuffed my cycle bag with all manner of brightly coloured sports gels, drink mixers, and cereal bars and awaited the results. Yeah right – it wasn’t even as if there were that many calories in each product. How can I possibly be sustained over 6-7 hours?

But colour me amazed, the miles just melted away in a blur of electrolytes, salt replacement, sugar, and whatever else is in the little sachets (probably best not to know). By the time I reached Preston, about 20 miles from the finish, I wasn’t at all tempted to give up and head to the nearest pub as a lot of other people were doing. My body, drip fed on essential nutrients (and the odd mars bar) was raring to go and it wasn’t until I hit Lytham seafront, 3 miles from the finish, that I actually realised I was human and my quads were in fact about to explode.

I raised money for charity, yes, but I also wanted to conduct my own little experiment by putting the Gargantu-Sports Energy Products market to the test. So on that basis I’m happy to become a poster girl for the industry if anyone wants me – I’d be cheaper than the stars who do it now, and with the right airbrushing who’d know I wasn’t a size zero?


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