Noisy Neighbours with Very Small CD Collections

By: Kath Walker

Jun 29 2010

Category: Uncategorized

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Imagine the scenario; you’re trying to enjoy a peaceful summer evening and there’s a plonker somewhere in the not too distant vicinity playing loud music – every night.

Yes, I know I should immediately march to the council and indignantly whinge to them about how this person is shattering our peaceful neighbourhood equilibrium, but the truth is, well, his taste in music isn’t actually that bad. Every night he starts with Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’. Now, ‘ Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ being one of my favourite songs, I find myself forgetting what a boorish ignorant destroyer of silence he is and tend to drift off into Pink Floyd heaven while watering the plants.

Rather than thinking ‘this guy needs to get a grip of his volume knob and do us all a favour’ I find myself thinking ‘does this guy actually own any other CDs?’. My question was answered the other night when, possibly after too many spliffs, he put some thrash metal on after the Floyd. Not good.

If the balance tips in favour of Napalm Death I’ll get the decibel meter-toting-council officers onto him. Until then, I’m happy with the Floyd drifting over to our garden like whisps of smoke from a joint….ahhhhhhhh!


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