Vuvuzelas – the new torture!

My nerves are at breaking point. I’m starting to dream about being attacked by a large swarm of angry wasps. Or elephants. And the World Cup is only days old. Already I’m having to psych myself up for the next England match knowing that sitting through it will be an aural endurance test. I’m convinced psychiatrists worldwide will be inundated with visits from returning footie fans struggling to dislodge the sound of 60000 angry bees from their brains.

Yes, I know it’s a South African football thing and we should embrace it, but please, footie fans of the far south, have mercy on our poor ears!

Even the usually match-long rendition of the Great Escape faded out half way through the USA match, honked into silence by these tortuous trumpets.  To join the Facebook group FIFA, BAN THE ANNOYING VUVUZELA HORN FROM THE SOUTH AFRICA WORLD CUP please click here!

My ears will be are eternally grateful.


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