Carb Loading v 6 Hours of Lady Pain!

By: Kath Walker

Jun 11 2010

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In three weeks I’m doing a charity 60 mile bike ride from Manchester to Blackpool. I must seriously need my head examining. For a start there’s the lovely prospect of 6 hours plus of the sort of lady pain you don’t really want. I don’t care how padded ones seat is. Then there’s the possibility – albeit slim, that Andy Murray could be playing in the men’s singles final at Wimbledon, which falls on the same day. Not to mention the depressing probability of it drizzling or sloshing it down all day, which is highly likely even in the current run of Californian weather.

On the up side, however, there’s the delicious anticipation that I’ll be burning so many hundreds of calories, I can carb load until I burst the night before, then stuff myself silly after the ride with as much pizza as I want, in the smug knowledge it won’t make any difference!

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One comment on “Carb Loading v 6 Hours of Lady Pain!”

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