Guilty pleasures are the best!

About a week ago while my hubby was away on a training course, I poured myself a huge glass of wine and put Nine and a Half Weeks, probably my all time favourite guilty pleasure film, in the DVD player. For the next two hours the rest of the world melted away and I basked in a one-glass-of-wine-buzz so delicious, it made the nasty headache I woke up with the next morning almost worthwhile.

Other guilty pleasures I confess to are;

Shamelessly watching the last two episodes of Sex and the City again. And again. And again.

Similarly repeated indulgence in ‘Fatal Attraction’, my other ‘watch again and again for the heck of it’ film.

Eating an entire bag of Starburst or Fruit Gums in one sitting and just not caring.

Pouring a Friday night vodka so large I feel it necessary to turn my back on whoever is in the room with me as I pour so only I know.

In the grand scheme of things these are not earth shattering offences, but the little buzz I get doing them makes me feel ever so naughty!


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