Summer wardrobe malfunctions…

Honestly what is it about the sudden onset of hot weather in the UK? Everyone, me included, seems to have grabbed the nearest ‘short’ thing in their wardrobe and thrown it on in an attempt to keep cool. Fair play. But really, you can so tell we’re not used to it. I feel sorry for all that pale skin, the soft bits that have been enveloped all winter, suddenly unleashed into the full glare of the sun. Wince! I actually had to borrow a pair of my husband’s shorts as I don’t own a pair myself. I don’t know what was more amazing, the fact I don’t own a pair of shorts or the fact I can fit into my husband’s.

And then there’s the switch in every man’s brain which gets flipped in hot weather. “I must take off my t-shirt”. No you must not. At least not unless you have more than a passing relationship with the gym.

You get the odd person who has the ‘summer ready’ look though. They’re the annoying ones who are already tanned and are effortlessly wearing their cool ensembles as if they’ve been rehearsing them all winter. I hate them. Every year I wonder why I don’t look like them.  Then I realise, it’s all down to the legs. If you’ve got the right shaped legs, you’re sorted. If you have, let’s say, chunky pins, forget it. I think I’ll stick occasionally borrowing my hubby’s baggy inflato-shorts if I need to feel cool in the back garden. In public it’ll be maxi maxi maxi all the way!


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