Posers, pouts, and eyeliner

By: Kath Walker

May 19 2010

Category: Uncategorized

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I’m so loving the current 80s themed progs on the Beeb. In particular, I love playing the game ‘spot the inconsistencies’. As you’re watching , say, Ashes to Ashes you try to spot, with the aid of your memory for all things 80s, how authentic it looks. Have they got the clothes and make-up right etc etc? Ooh it does keep my little mind amused.

Ah, they didn’t half know how to put on make-up in the early 80s. I can safely say that ‘Worried about the Boy’, the Beeb drama about Boy George’s pre-Culture Club period will definitely be on my DVD to-purchase list. There is something completely comforting about wallowing shamelessly in nostalgia. Remembering how you practised your glum pout in the mirror, went to teenage parties dressed in New Romantic gear, and couldn’t stand to hear the p*ss taken out of Visage or Japan. And yes, you were one of those who was genuinely upset when Shaddap You Face pipped Vienna off the top spot.

Scary to think that 1980, which seems like yesterday, is THIRTY years ago. Oh someone pass me a big glass of wine!


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