Enough politics already!

OK, I know it’s important and the whole country’s economic future hangs in the balance yadda yadda yadda, but please Mr’s Cameron, Cleggy, and Brown, if you care about the mental health of your electorate, sort yourselves out, and quickly. Against my better judgement I am now addicted to BBC News 24 even though I am so bored with the words ‘Hung Parliament’ along the bottom I need professional help. The phrase ‘Breaking News’ holds some sort of mesmeric sway over me and I daren’t leave the confines of the telly viewing area just in case something happens other than cameras permanently focussed on the Cabinet Office doors. I have put my perverse fascination with pointless celebrities aside and am actually using my brain for once. This can’t go on. It’s unhealthy. On the plus side I have from time to time wondered who is more attractive, Cameron or Cleggy, but I’m soon sucked back into the ongoing ‘deal or no deal’ story. For the love of God please make it stop! I’m going to make a concerted effort tonight to watch the usual double dose of Coronation Street as is my regular Monday night habit. There – that feels better already.


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