Wannabe Wags!

I had a very enjoyable evening with friends at our local watering hole on Saturday night. This was not least due to the people watching opportunities. Our local is and has been for a very long time a magnet for all the local wannabes, and Saturday was no exception. It’s the sort of place where you get looked up and down when you walk through the door to see if you ‘fit’. I made a point of wearing minimal make-up, jeans and cowboy boots. I always do when I go there. All the women looked like they had grandiose WAG fantasies and had all just arrived from a wedding reception. All the blokes conversely looked as if they’d just walked in off the street, albeit with very stiff coiffed hair and a nice spray on tan. All ages are present, which makes it even more eye watering when you consider some of the older ladies dress like the waggy 20 somethings with knobs on. The place reeks of every perfume and aftershave under the sun as everyone vies to out-pong one another. It’s hilarious. When all’s said and done it’s a pub in Preston and that’s what makes it all the funnier. Bring on the next trip. . .


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