Here we go again. . . It’s Election Time!

It’s election build-up time in the UK which means 4 weeks of posturing, preening, pontificating, prattling politicians peddling preposterous piffle to the proletariat. I do find it all quite amusing. I get a sort of mild masochistic pleasure choosing to watch politicians squirming and arguing when I know there’s the preferable option of Location Location Location on Channel 4.  Maybe I need to get out more, but I genuinely enjoy the fleeting feeling of power as my pencil hovers over the names on the ballot paper, not to mention the obligatory ritual of staying up all night mainlining coffee as the result unfolds.

For once, my attention has been diverted from the grubby antics of celebrities,  and is rivetted by the grubby antics of our Prospective Prime Ministers. My attention span being what it is, though, I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll get all confused and be re-diverted to who’s lost the most weight recently and how many Easter Eggs K-Stew and R-Pattz exchanged.


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