Jedward – am I missing something?

Clearly I am. Or maybe I am just too old to appreciate the subtle nuances of the phenomenon they call Jedward. They have a single out…should I be surprised? They are rumoured to be going to Hollywood to talk to the Harry Potter and Hobbit people. Surprised? Moi? Well you have to give it to them; they are greatly talented in the ‘looking pretty and pale’ department. Just look at how well the Great God Pattinson is doing from his haunted faraway-ness. It’s just, well, have they got anything that resembles ‘talent’ for anything else? Being able to train their hair to grow the wrong way? Being cheeky chappies? Seeing them on Jonathan Ross I was again frustrated by their vacuousity (is that a word? It is now!) compared to the great Kim Cattrall but at the same time couldnt deny they have a certain charisma. It’s that, you see. For some reason you cant take your eyes off them….or maybe its because it takes forever to work out which is which. Ah, that’s it. Right, back to thinking about something deep and meaningful.


2 comments on “Jedward – am I missing something?”

  1. Have to beg to differ. While I see Jedward as having no artistic merit as singers they truly endeared themselves to me on Wossy as sweet people, innocents just having a laugh. They are obviously just kids and you only have to hope they’re not manipulated too much by the managers, spinners, PRs and hangers on who will make more out of them than they do themselves at a guess. Kim Cattrall – yes do love her, but let’s not forget she diid some dire stuff in her past before becoming THE Kim Cattrall! I quite like Jedward’s gaucheness…I will NEVER be buying their music, let it be known!

  2. That’s the nub of it – they may be gauche innocents just having a laugh (and I do quite like them in a strange way) but I have a nasty feeling they will go the way of most instant celebrities, horridly manipulated by management, PR and hangers on who will all want to squeeze as much cash out of them before they run out of steam. I hope Im wrong and Im watching them on whatever the equivalent of Wossy is in 40 years time where they are where Kim Cattrall is now, having done the dodgy stuff and are now respected comedy actors with a groundbreaking series to their name. Sorry to be so cynical – must have overdone it with the cynical juice this morning!

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